Grindhouse Cinema Database to shut down forums

In a message last night to all registered users, the Grindhouse Cinema Database (GCDb) – formerly also known as The Deuce – informed of the impending shutdown of its forums (

Deuce Forums

The message reads

We’re Shutting Down The Deuce’s Forums!

Hi everyone,

we’re writing to let you know that we are shutting down our forums. They’ve been dead for some time and we don’t have the resources (time or money) to keep them going.

It may well be that we relaunch a community forum at some time in the future, so we hope you stay loyal to the Grindhouse Database and keep in touch!

We recently opened a Newsletter and we hope you subscribe to it: You’ll be the first to know about any changes! Obviously you’ll also find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and GooglePlus.

Pete and Seb,
The Grindhouse Cinema Database (GCDb) Team

The move comes amid a long time of inactivity by users on the forums, the larger shift towards public social networks and the stagnating inflow of donations towards the GCDb. Sebastian explains that “this is by no means a ‘no’ to self-run community forums in general. We might at any point relaunch one if the time is right, but at this moment we neither have the time nor money to do that. It’s not that people don’t use forums like these anymore, but to get them going a lot of community management is required, and currently Peter and I just can’t deliver on that.” In the meantime, the recent relaunch of the GCDb itself continues to boost the site. Movie pages are being redone, the logo was tweaked and there is constant growth around its social channels. Peter affirms that “we set up a newsletter recently that we urge folks to subscribe. That is a channel we own, and that you as a subscriber have control over. We can’t leave everything to the whim of Facebook & Co.”

The founders are still pondering where to move with the Tarantino Archives‘ forums (, which carries 15 years worth of interesting debates and information. At the same time, the Spaghetti Western Database‘s forum ( is going strong and will shortly be upgraded to a Discourse installation.

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