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CURRENTLY RAISING funds to cover costs for all sites to reach a stable financial base to cover possible technical services, design jobs, capacity upgrades and domains costs.

> Where is the money going to? Server rent and domain costs as well as investment in infrastructure, maintenance, security, design and services for our projects.
> Legal fine print: Please note that we are currently not yet a legal entity. Donations areĀ  therefore not tax-deductible, they constitute a personal gift.

  • 2016 goal of $3000 failed with $460 as of February 2017.
  • SWDB Maintenance and visual redesign, read more in the blog entry on Planet SW. Failed with only $651 (minus fees) / $5.000 donated (as of Feb 25). It helped to cover last year’s running costs and investments, but a redesign was not possible. We then had to do that ourselves. Many thanks to all of you who donated! Every dollar helped!