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The Spaghetti Western Database

The world\’s largest and organically growing encyclopedia of the European western. The SWDB!

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The Grindhouse Cinema Database

The internet\’s biggest encyclopedia of classic and international exploitation cinema.

Go to The Quentin Tarantino Archives

The Quentin Tarantino Archives

The worlds biggest and best Tarantino fan site. So good, the man himself reads it.

Go to Furious Cinema

Furious Cinema

A movie blog full of wild, untamed cinema. It is the greatest movie blog ever.

Go to The Robert Rodriguez Archives

The Robert Rodriguez Archives

Blog and trivia page for all things Robert Rodriguez. Man, movies, music, cooking, books, television….

Go to Nischenkino


The German-language sister project to Furious Cinema

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We take our passion hobby seriously. Not only are we building great projects that we love, we also try to professionalize how they look, work, and how they can be a home for thousands of like-minded people from all around the globe. That takes time, money and expertise. Some of it we try to provide on our own free time, but we really could use some help.

  • Currently paying for most things out of our own pockets

  • We are making good progress setting up our projects on the latest platforms

  • We need more editors and helping hands

  • Social has changed a lot. Over the years we lost a lot of community. More effort is needed to get things going.

Our team

Passionate about movies and ready to rock


Founder and executive director
It all started with the Tarantino Archives. From then on, Sebastian started immersing himself in genre film and to this day runs the Triple Feature Foundation projects.


Deuce Chief Editor
Peter is the Grindhouse Cinema Database\’s chief editor, and the editor in chief at Furious Cinema. He\’s based in Massachussetts and has seen more movies than you have ;)

Marc Biskup

Founding team SWDB
Marc has been on board from the early hours of the Spaghetti Western Database. He currently works for a German TV station.
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